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Atomenergoprom dividend policy is aimed at raising the investment appeal of the company and increasing its capitalization. The policy is based on balancing the interests of the Company and its shareholders, as well as on respect for and strict observance of the shareholders’ rights stipulated by the current Russian legislation, the Charter and other internal documents of the Company.

Excerpt from the Company Charter (Article VIII “Dividends”):

  • The Company is entitled, based on the results of the 1st quarter, six months, nine months of the financial year, and (or) on the results of the financial year, take decisions on (declare) the payment of dividends on allocated shares, unless otherwise provided by the Federal Law “On Joint Stock Companies”. The decision (declaration) regarding the payment of dividends based on the results of the 1st quarter, six months, or nine months of the financial year may be taken within 3 months after the end of the corresponding period.
  • The decision (declaration) regarding the payment of dividends, including the amount of dividend, procedure, form and term of payment, shall be taken by the general meeting of shareholders. The amount of dividend shall not exceed the amount recommended by the Company’s Board of Directors.
    The term of payment of the dividend shall not exceed 60 days after the date of the decision (declaration) regarding the payment of dividends.
  • Dividends shall be paid in cash out of the Company’s net profit.


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